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Circulatory system


Promotes a smooth blood flow

Our ancestors used mistletoe to regulate blood pressure.

By combining wild garlic to improve the blood flow and hawthorn to balance the whole mix, GEM-CIRCU is an ideal complex for the body and its entire system.

Ingredients: young mistletoe shoots, hawthorn buds, wild garlic (suitable for pregnant women).


Helps to control cholesterol

GEM-CHOL helps to maintain a good cholesterol level, thanks to the olive bud renowned for the circulatory system and to the birch known for eliminating waste and detoxifying the body.

Rosemary helps to remove fatty substances present in our blood vessels thanks to its action on liver function. Peppermint stimulates digestion.

Ingredients: almond, birch and lime buds, young shoots of olive and rosemary, essential oils of peppermint and rosemary (suitable for pregnant women).


Helps to relieve the sensation of heavy legs

GEM-VEN is a complex perfectly adapted for people with heavy or tired legs.

The chestnut helps maintain a normal blood flow, the rowan’s bud and sweet chestnut’s bud are antioxidants, so they help fight oxidative stress.

Ingredients: rowan’s buds, chestnut buds and sweet chestnut buds (suitable for pregnant women).


Promotes concentration

GEM-KO combines all the properties of gingko bibola to make this mix even more effective thanks to a combination of fresh bud macerate, a fluid extract of dry leaves and a mother tincture of fresh leaves.

This complex promotes concentration and effectively supports your cerebral circulation thanks to its antioxidant action. This tree can live 4000 years … this says it all!

Ingredients: gingko biloba buds and leaves (suitable for pregnant women).

Bone and joint sphere


Helps maintain flexibility in joints

GERM-ART is composed of 4 extracts of buds, the pine which improves the flexibility in joints thanks to its remineralizing effects, the vine which is rich in antioxidants, the birch, a tree known for its flexibility, for its draining effects and the blackcurrant which contributes to the natural production of blood cortisol.

Ingredients: buds of pine,, vine, birch and blackcurrant (suitable for pregnant women).


Helps strengthen bones

GEM-OSTEO is based on the composition of 4 buds to help preserve bone capital : bramble, rich in manganese, contributes to the support of the skeletal structure, pine, an excellent remineralizer, helps to fight the wear of the cartilage and birch, which promotes the elimination of waste.

Ingredients: young shoots of bramble and sequoia, pine and birch buds (suitable for children over 3 years old).

Digestion sphere


Facilitates intestinal transit

Many people suffer from transit problems on a daily basis. GEM-LAX rebalances the intestinal transit thanks to the synergy of the young leaves of black elderberry and elderberry, a real « garbage collector », acts directly on the intestinal system and rosemary on the hepatic sphere. Fresh ginger extract promotes a gentle movement of the bowel muscles.

Ingredients: young black elderberry and rosemary leaves, ginger rhizome, celandine, cinnamon flavor (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).


Strengthens the intestinal barrier

There are many disorders caused by food intolerance and leaky gut syndrome. Rosemary restores the intestinal barrier and protects the mucous membrane.The Silver Fir strengthens the immune system. The fig tree and the sweet flag act on the central nervous system which coordinates digestion. Turmeric is an antioxidant. Propolis and galangal contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora. GEM-COLON is therefore the ideal solution to help to restore the intestinal barrier.

Ingredients: young rosemary leaves, young silver fir shoots, fig buds, Rhizome of sweet flag, turmeric and galangal and mother tincture of propolis(suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).

Immune-respiratory sphere


A natural shield against allergies

GEM - ALL helps to rebalance the allergic ground thanks to blackcurrant buds, young shoots of rosemary and propolis that helps to effectively combat the inconveniences associated with allergies.

Ingredients: blackcurrant buds, young rosemary shoots,, mother tincture of propolis (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).


Helps to strengthen the immune system

GEM-IMMU helps to strengthen our body's defenses thanks to the antioxidant properties of the young shoots of wild rose and silver fir, naturally rich in vitamin C. Blackcurrant strengthens and intensifies the action of the other components of this complex.

Ingredients: young shoots of wild roses and silver fire, blackcurrant buds (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old), essential oils of peppermint and rosemary.


Stops the external aggressions!

GEM-SANA helps to slow down the development of germs thanks to the combination of poplar and alder, the main plant sources of propolis. Bees collect resins for the production of their propolis from these two buds rich in flavonoids. This propolis has a hygienic role, amongst others, for bees by creating a protective layer against microbial or fungal invasions. The poplar bud has been considered, for a very long time as "propolis like", a shield tree and black alder is a robust and rot resistant.

Ingredients: alder and poplar buds (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).


Unblocks the entire ENT sphere

GEM-RESPI helps breathe through the nose more easily, glutinous alder acts as a shield against external attacks, wild rose helps strengthen natural defenses thanks to its antioxidant properties and hornbeam is useful for its cleansing action, especially on the sinuses.

Ingredients: buds of hornbean, alder, rose and blackcurrant (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).

Nervous area


Significantly improves your sleep

GEM-NOCTE promotes sleep and improves the quality of your sleep thanks to the lime buds, which have calming and draining properties.

As for the fig tree bud, it acts, in depth, on the nervous system. Also useful in hyperactive children.

Ingredients: lime and fig tree buds (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).


Improves memory

GEM-MEMO is an excellent ally for students. An interesting formula made from alder, olive tree and rosemary for a "boosting" memory. Alder is the ideal bud for the circulatory system and brain activity. The olive tree promotes brain activity. The olive tree regarded as a hepatic drainer, optimizes fatigue resistance.

Ingredients: Alder and olive buds, young shoots of rosemary (suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old).


Helps fight stress

GEM-RELAX is an effective remedy for temporary stress thanks to the combination of 2 buds and soothing essential oils: lavender essential oil plays a role of an energetic cleanser of the psyche and angelica essential oil fights against psychological instability, the orange tree acts on emotions. The blackcurrant bud will potentiate the virtues of all these components.

Ingredients: buds of fig and blackcurrant, lavender, neroli and angelica essential oils.

Depurative sphere


Promotes the elimination of toxins

GEM-DEPUR cleans the body and promotes the elimination of accumulated waste through the action of young shoots of juniper and rosemary, known for their action on liver function. Artichoke and dandelion strongly aid in detoxifying the liver.

Ingredients: young shoots of juniper and rosemary, mother tinctures of dandelion plant and artichoke.


Improves male urinary comfort

GEM-PREST is well known and reputed by men over 50. At this age, the inconveniences of urination start to appear: urgent or frequent need to urinate small amounts. This complex harmonizes the prostatic function thanks to the small-flowered willow herb and sabal serrulata fruits rich in phytosterols.

Ingredients: mother tinctures of sabal serrulata fruit and small-flowered willow herb, young shoots of sequoia.


Your slimming ally!

The GEM-CELL complex is a synergy of bud extracts, excellent support during your slimming treatment. It will help you sustainably fight against the unsightly effects of orange peel. In combination with a well-balanced diet, the ash bud will facilitate weight loss.

Ingredients: buds of chestnut, ash and hazel.

Visual sphere


For better eyesight!

The GEM-OCULO complex is a selection of young shoots and nutrients to improve eye function and relieve fatigue of the eye. The blueberry was once used to help airline pilots improve their night vision. Since there is a direct link between the liver and the eyes, according to traditional Chinese medicine, juniper, thanks to its purifying action on the hepatic system, directly improves eyesight.

Ingredients: young shoots of blueberry and juniper, organic silica and lutein (suitable for pregnant women).

Tonic sphere


Fights drowsiness and boosts your body!

GEM-TONIC is an adventurous complex that will help you fight fatigue and drowsiness. Young shoots of rosemary and blackcurrant buds have a beneficial effect on energy. This complex is recommended for temporary tiredness without risk of addiction.

Ingredients: blackcurrant and oak buds, young shoots of rosemary and sequoia (suitable for children over 3 years old).

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